Archery Basic Course(ABC)

This course is great for beginners who are looking to take archery  as a hobby and for people who just want to challenge themselves with something new. This is the course that you have to do before you join any archery academy. At Vijaya’s  Archery Academy we believe that our Beginner Courses are the best around both for price and content. The course runs over six, 1 hour long sessions and aims to take someone from never lifting a bow through to being competent enough to shoot within a Academy.


Our courses follow the recommended course programme set by Vijaya’s Archery Academy. Over 26 classes[week days] or 8 classes[week ends]  you will be coached from knowing nothing about archery to being competent in the following areas:

– The safety rules of an archery range 

– Equipment used in field and target archery 

– Hitting a 40cm target ,with bare bow from 5m 

– What are Rounds and how to score

​- Different types of archery and bows 

– How to select personal equipment that’s right for you 

​- What you can do after the course 

After the course you have the option of joining our ever-growing Academy.

Vardi Uday kumar (chief Coach)

Level – II International Coach General Secretary – Andhra Pradesh Field Archery Association

(Affiliated by Field Archery Association of India – an Member of International Field Archery Association)

Whats app me : 7032434385

Mobile No:7032434385 (11:00 am to 9 : 00 pm only)