Welcome! The VIJAYA’S  Archery Academy is your one stop for all your archery needs.  We offer the finest professional coaching services for every level of archer.  Become part of the team and join one of our classes today.At VIJAYA’S ARCHERY you will find a full line of everything you can think of that pertains to modern archery and bow hunting equipment. it’s truly a comprehensive archery supply , backed by an expert staff.This Academy is for everyone who wants to become a better shooter. Our goal is to teach and hone your shooting ability, and get beginning shooters off on the ‘’right foot’’. Resulting to a better target shooter.

Our Training Methodology  is ,Come with empty Handed , get trained , get knowledge of bow, if interested then go for the own bow .Once you  completed the basics with our training, One would be able to select the bow of their own by knowing various features and specs of bow. This gives liberty to archers to go with their own decision. This is a archery program for those that want to get serious into the great sport of archery. Our goal in this class is to build archers. Here we’ll focus on form, accuracy, and consistency. This is a fun social class where friends can be made with a side of in house competition. We’ll have personal progress sheets and personal records, to show where they can improve and help them to become the best


Archery is recognised as an important sport within INDIA with the Archer at the core of everything we do.

To enable & celebrate a community of people of all ages & abilities who participate in Archery.

Excellence in all things Inclusion, participation & recognition at all levels Sportsmanship, fair play & Integrity, Encouragement and Enjoyment.

It identifies key objects that will support our organisation’s goals and develop of sport towards our vision.

This strategic plan will be used to provide a focus for the Association’s activities and to lead us into the future.

Vardi Uday kumar (chief Coach)

Level – II International Coach General Secretary – Andhra Pradesh Field Archery Association

(Affiliated by Field Archery Association of India – an Member of International Field Archery Association)

Whats app me : 7032434385

Mobile No:7032434385 (11:00 am to 9 : 00 pm only)